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THE KWERKS                                                                                                

Released: April 2016


Released: November 2016



"I'm leaving my career and I'm pursuing my childhood dream of becoming a rock star. Yes, in my 30s, after having "settled down", after 15 years of marriage (which continues, ahem), a mortgage, a career, 3 kids, a dog, and everything else that comes with those. And yes, it IS a bit crazy. Oh, and Ryan's doing it with me."

In the spring of 2015, Laura was hit over the head by a single, very compelling conversation. A long suppressed dream unearthed itself and made its way to the front and centre, and she, along with her husband, Ryan, dove in head first. She left her career, sent her previously homeschooled kids to school, and dusted off her guitar. 

The Kwerks have made a splash wherever they've tested the waters. Having released two EPs in 2016, they were featured in a Dominion Lending Centres national commercial campaign, they scooped up a Fraser Valley Music Award nomination (2016) and made it to the national top 25 in the CBC Searchlight Competition (2017). Radio stations both locally and nationally have picked up their tunes.

Their music is a unique, snappy kind of folk-pop, peppered with hints of bluegrass and rock. They infuse their live performances with sassy dance moves by Ryan and funny stories flowing from their journey of dropping everything to live life more intentionally and authentically. They have a way of making audiences laugh to tears, and leave happier than a bunch of carrot-filled bunnies. Inspiring? Oh yes. Fluffy and chicken-soup-for-the-soul-ish? No way. These guys bring the kind of authentic honesty that leaves you hungry for more. 

Whether performing as a duo or flanked by their band, they bring loads of fun to the stage with music that has been described as "fresh", "unique", and "catchy". Loaded with rhythm, the songs pack in about as much honesty as you can handle in one sitting. Some of them will make your eyes leak. Others will make you laugh and want to dance. Either way, you'll be an emotional mess by the end of the set. The Kwerks apologize for that, but kind of like it.

It’s all groovy fun with these guys.
If the Barenaked Ladies were a married couple they’d be The Kwerks.
— Jeff Bonner, Tractorgrease Multimedia & Cafe

Vocals, Guitar / Laura Koch
Vocals / Ryan Koch


  • Mandolin, Banjo / Gregg Porter
  • Electric Guitar / Jay Rennicks
  • Bass / Jonathan Perkins
  • Drums, Percussion / Tim Dyck

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