Desert Daze & Kaleidoscope Festival

Kwerks Kaleidoscope Ribbon.jpg

What a weekend we had! To round off our summer 2018 tour, we had a double-festival kind of weekend, and had a really great time whipping up the crowds and feeling all the feels.

And that's the thing. For all the gushing we've done over connecting with audiences, talking to you all after shows, and loving hearing how the music as made you feel, there's just something so good that we get out of simply performing and digging into the moment on stage. Getting caught up in a song, losing ourselves in a harmonious wailing moment, feeling the rush of an inspired guitar solo, and all the other moments that we get to experience as a band - there is little to compare it all to.

And so, on Friday afternoon, the six of us packed up the rental tour van and headed out on the road and into the desert - 4 hours into the Canyon and into the heat, aiming for Spences Bridge, BC. As we drove, the thermostat registered hotter and hotter temperatures ....35 .....38 ...39 ....40 .....42. Yes, 42 degrees celsius. That's how hot it was when we arrived at 6PM. The dry breezy air felt like someone was aiming a hair-blow-dryer at us. We unloaded into our hotel rooms and hustled down to the festival grounds to get set up. The festival was well underway when we arrived, with kids dancing and doing crafts, locals and festival-lovers set up in the shade around the main stage, and a happy beer garden crowd sipping and taking it all in. The sun started to set and we took the stage, got them up dancing, and had a load of fun. 

What you can't see in this photo are the insane BUGS flying all around us, and particularly around drummer Tim!

What you can't see in this photo are the insane BUGS flying all around us, and particularly around drummer Tim!

Then, just like that, we were done our set and enjoying some drinks on the patio of the Inn, and heading to bed at a completely reasonable hour because, well, that's how we roll. :)

The morning was BEAUTIFUL. You know, every time we hit the road and drive around our province we are astounded at the beauty. From rainforest to alpine to desert to coastal foliage, there is such variety and the colours and sights and smells just keep changing. This particular morning filled our  of the desert, with freight and passenger trains passing through, eagles flying, and the river meandering by. Sipping coffee with that morning scene all around us was pretty amazing.

Off the patio of the Inn at Spences Bridge.

Off the patio of the Inn at Spences Bridge.

On the road again though, because we had another festival to get to. Kaleidoscope Festival of the Arts in Coquitlam. This one was looking good - their marketing was amazingly well done, and they had booked some GREAT acts, including the headliners The Philosopher Kings. We pulled in and unloaded, freshened up and got set up, and then it was go-time. 

WOO! What a fun time we had! The crowd was sweet and the stage management was tight and professional. It felt great! 

Kwerks Kaleidoscope Laura.jpg

And with that, we packed up and went home, and are now done for the summer. It's a bittersweet thing for Ryan and I, since we've been juggling family life with life on the road and honestly, it is exhausting some days. But the end of the string of performances is hard to come to, even with some great and exciting things coming in the fall. (More on that in another post...) The rest of the summer is dedicated family time in Kwerkland. We're zero-ing in on our kids and taking a music break, and will be back with a fury in September.

To all of you who came out to a show (or five) this summer, thank you. To all of you who have tracked along with us as we've gallivanted around the lower mainland and province, thank you. To all of you who support us, thank you. To all of you who have up and danced, waved ribbons, bought music and merch, laughed at our jokes, and told us your stories, thank you. 

See you soon. Much love.

xoxo Laura Kwerk