Midsummer Music Festival

Kwerks walking Midsummer.jpg

There's something magical about taking to the road and heading out of town to a music festival. BC, if you can believe it, has over 400 festivals! Each one has its own charm, culture, and atmosphere, and this summer, we're going to be experiencing 4 of these festivals, and telling you all about them!

This past weekend, Canada Day long weekend, we headed out for the 13 hour drive to Smithers, BC for the Midsummer Music Festival. A well established, family-friendly, warm and welcoming festival that has been going for 35 years, and it shows. The volunteers, organizers and staff all seemed relaxed and happy, and were a very welcoming bunch!

From the five different stages, extensive children's area and activities, food trucks and vendors selling the most delicious treats and treasures, and the professional and chill sound tech team, the whole thing felt like a well-oiled machine.

Hundreds of people came out, and the artists, about 20 different groups, were a mixture of local and further afoot summer touring nomads, like us. The crowds were engaged and dancing, laughing and having loads of fun while we artists moved in and out of our sets.

Kids Stage Midsummer.jpg

A really fun part of the festival for us was getting to play a set on the kids' stage! While we haven't ever identified ourselves as children's or family entertainment, we find that no matter where we play, we often have a contingent of small humans dancing away to our music, and enjoying the show as much as the adults are. As so we got booked onto that kids' stage for a set, and WAS IT EVER FUN! 

Naturally, as it's summer now, Ryan has unearthed his dancing ribbons, and kids and adults alike can't get enough of his crazy moves, and love getting a chance to use the ribbons themselves. 


The thrill was real when we were booked for this festival, however, and were given TWO sets on the main stage - one on the Saturday night and one on Sunday afternoon. It was just amazing, and the crowds had as much fun as we did, dancing and grooving along while we ground out our tunes. We played all our usuals, Carry Me, Freight Train, Stuff Song, and some of the new songs - Orion, The Drum Song, Firelight. All was received and enjoyed with smiles and dancing and attentive listening and laughing along with us as we bantered between tunes.

Main Stage Midsummer.jpg

Overall, the whole weekend was a total success. The people were wonderful. The music was amazing. The magical extra acts (First Nations Dancers, Illusionist, etc) were all just excellent to watch and participate with, the crowds were supportive and happy - it was a wonderful time!


*Photo credit to Teresa Porter and Airless Photography.