TOP 10!

Top 10.jpg

Can you believe it??? We Kwerks, after making it through the rounds last year, propelled by our amazing army of voters, KWERKNATION, and landing ourselves in the TOP 25, have managed to go further this year! Yes, once again, our dear fans and followers have pushed, nay propelled us into the NATIONAL TOP 10!!

What a rush this year's contest has been. It was a risk taking the plunge a second year in a row. What if we didn't do as well? What if KwerkNation was tired of voting? What if, what if, what if??? But at your bidding, we entered again and went even further!

Now, a huge congratulations to the winner of the contest, AquaKulture, and his song "Sure" for taking the top prize. We love his story and admire his unique style! And to go forward, we are just sitting here, feeling so thankful for all of you. What more could we ask for as artists than to have enough of a network of encouraging, enthusiastic, good people like you backing us up? I will be plain here. It's a dream come true. To enter into art and put yourself on the line, on the stage, into total vulnerability, is no easy task. To have such a response as we've had....thank you so much. A million times. A bajillion times. 

We love you, KwerkNation. See you soon at a show, online, or face to face in the streets should we rub shoulders one day. xo

The Kwerks