LIVE MUSIC is where it's at.

live music.jpg

It had been some years since I had been to a live show. Sure, I had been to plays, musicals even, and the odd production of one kind or other, but it really had been a long time since I had really been to a concert, listened through a set, heard the stories, listened to the lyrics, felt the feels.

And then I sat there, and the music crept towards me through the air, reaching it's tentacles around my body and through my hair and into my ears, and right down into my heart. Music is a language, and not just of words, but of emotion, and depth, and soul-shaking connection. You enter into a normal room, with some equipment, and some chairs, and some other humans, and in a short time, the room becomes an ocean of sensation, floating around you and through you and between you and all the other humans in the room, and it connects you all and causes all sorts of stirrings.

Whether a massive stadium filled with thousands of people, or a house concert with 20 odd friends, the experience of music is magical. The connection that happens between artist and audience, the way you leave feeling like you've been given a gift, the way that you feel like you've been through some kind of therapy session - it's magic. 

It was only recently that I had a discussion with a friend about the fact that music, for me, is live. I mean, music HAS to be live. Recorded music, well to me it's great because you can take it home, and listen anytime, but the real thing, the live experience, that's where the magic really happens for me. That's where the energy between artist and audience really dances. The audience engages by listening, and absorbing, and feeling, and giving back in facial expressions, body language, laughter, tears. The artist provides the stimulation and dances with the audience's reactions, altering, changing, shifting as they sense the lifting or lowering of the mood, crafting a journey through the set with notes and lyrics and moments of quiet. 

It is an amazing gift to be able to do this as my work. 

And as we prepare for upcoming shows, and try to get the word out, market, try to sell tickets, and get bums in seats, it can feel like I'm a used car saleswoman. You know? Sales are not my passion, because sales can feel like a cheap and quick money grab to me. And yet, there's this amazing gift that I want to give, and that's the whole point. It's a gift to both artist and audience. It's an experience, and you really can't get it anywhere but a live show. 

So if you haven't already, I really encourage you to take the time to buy a ticket. It's money so well spent. Get a ticket to any show. Any band you like. Any artist that sounds interesting to you. And then show up, and experience the magic, and feel the feels, and enjoy an escape from the stresses of life, and thank your lucky stars. 

Much love,

Laura, The Kwerks