BreakOut West

Well, it’s been a few days since we’ve been back home after the whirlwind that was BreakOut West - Western Canada’s big music industry conference, music awards, networking and showcase event! We’ve slept off most of our exhaustion and have emerged with new excitement, energy, and direction.


Through the four days we spent in Kelowna, BC, we attended conference sessions on a variety of topics including women in the music industry, social media marketing and storytelling, releasing music in a digital age, production and mixing, and the list goes on.

We also got the chance to sign up for 1-on-1 (or 1-on-2 in our case) speed dating type meetings with industry types. Among the meetings we had which we took all sorts of helpful bits and pieces from, was a meeting with Allan Reid, CEO of CARAS (which is the umbrella organization over the JUNO Awards, the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, to name a few), and had the pleasure of talking through our approach, our music, our appeal, with him. We certainly came out of all the 1-on-1s with a lot to chew on.

The networking side of the conference was also great - we got to reconnect with people we had met previously, including the wonderful Leila Neverland who is an utterly captivating artist herself, but was attending in the role of representing a music publication she works for. I even got interviewed!! See the article here.


Oh, and dare I forget the showcases? Oh my gosh. Over the course of the four or five days, there were SO MANY SHOWS to go to! Did we make it out to many? No way, we were SO EXHAUSTED after all that networking, session work, and connecting. Haha! But we did make it to a few. And it was incredible.


And how could we talk about BreakOut West without the mention of our own showcase? Well we were slotted into the mini-BOW which was a super fun family showcase. We got to play alongside some spectacular other children and family artists and have an excellent time. The place was packed out with kids, parents, industry types, and all sorts! Lots of ribbons, friends. Lots of ribbons.

And now we’re home and rifling through all the mental notes we took. We’re making plans, we’re taking all that juicy goodness and infusing it into our path forward. So many thanks to the hard-working group that put this on, and for having us out to participate!! Yeeehaw!