KwerkNation - Thank you.

Here we are, waiting for our set to start on the main stage at the Music on the Meadow Festival!

Here we are, waiting for our set to start on the main stage at the Music on the Meadow Festival!

WHAT A SUMMER! This has been an epic one for us, and there's little more to be said than a heartfelt THANK YOU to our dear fans and followers. Without you, this would be a lonely journey. Without your feedback, we wouldn't have any idea what kind of an impact our music and story would be making. Without your emails, messages, comments, likes and shares, we wouldn't be able to get the word out about this crazy thing called The Kwerks. 


The summer, our third summer at it, was incredibly full, and very encouraging. For those of you who have been with us since day one, you'll be so happy along with us to know that the rumble that started with my (Laura's) songwriting back in July 2015 has increased and developed into a full out roar, and it's only getting bigger and louder. 

Some highlights we're amazed and humbled to be able to tell you of:

  • Landing our first bookings in FOUR music festivals this summer (this is a huge deal for us)
  • packing in over 25 shows over the course of the summer months (previous years have been less)
  • making new connections and being approached after EVERY show with new gig interest
  • taking the risk of ordering our first run of KWERK SOCKS and seeing them be a huge hit!
  • starting to actually bring in a small income through music (they said this isn't possible anymore)
  • finding our groove and honing our skills both as a duo and as a full band (so different, so good)
  • playing for hundreds, thousands of people, and seeing them all dancing to our music!
  • moving past the shock of hate mail into MORE authenticity and self-expression than even before
  • having such a busy schedule that we're actually having to turn away offers!

Each of these things is a mini miracle in itself, friends, and we are so thankful!

GOING FORWARD, we're very excited to be percolating and working on plans for a new record. Those songs you love that we haven't released yet? They're coming. New Kwerk music? It's coming. Stay tuned and get ready!

So here we are in September, a season of settling into routines and focussing in on admin stuff behind the scenes. Oh the music continues, and we've got a number of shows planned that you'll hear about, but along with the darker, longer days comes the exciting time of SUBMITTING FOR NEXT SUMMER'S FESTIVALS, contests, showcases and submissions; getting our butts into the studio (!!); setting up a CD release par-tay and CD release tour; and continuing to keep you all in the loop as it all happens. 

Lots of work to do! Lots of love and fuzzy feelings to fuel the work. All set....GO!

xoxo Your Kwerks