It was a good run!

Oh KwerkNation. Oh loyal army of voters. We have SAD news!

This morning we learned that it was very close, but we didn't make the top vote in CBC Searchlight, which we were aiming our hearts towards. 

Without hanging our heads too low, we want to express to you, our rather amazingly loyal army of voters and supporters, how incredibly supported we felt throughout the competition. The CBC took note of how engaged our audience was (yeah, that's you!) and we got some good tidbits about them quite liking our stuff, but in the end, there were a great many excellent artists in the competition, and we didn't quite make it there. 

Thank you for voting, and for putting your heart into hoping for our success. So many of you told us you were checking facebook hourly for updates, so many of you mentioned you were holding your breath (which I truly hope didn't cause any fainting because THAT WAS A LONG WEEKEND TO WAIT THROUGH!!). Thank you a million times for your support. 

For us, this is disappointing, but we know there are so many other fish to fry, and so we are already moving our gaze to other challenges and adventures, all of which you'll be on with us if you so choose! 

So, much love to you, our dear KwerkNation. Thank you for everything. We were nearly there. :)