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A shot taken on a walk in Pemberton while Laura Kwerk was on a recent artist's retreat.

A shot taken on a walk in Pemberton while Laura Kwerk was on a recent artist's retreat.

Interview with Laura Kwerk

While Laura Kwerk is quite well-practiced in the English language, she certainly has a penchant for making words and phrases up to suit her songwriting needs in any given moment. From "a titch" in All Yours (which turned out to actually be a legitimate saying), to "find your loud" in Little Fighter, to the sassy "bigger, badder dreams" in the recently written Fire Light, the cheek is apparent in her seemingly nonchalant disregard for grammatical etiquette. When asked about it, she remarks with a smile, "But I like it." 

Fair enough. Fair enough. And we like it too, Mrs. Kwerk.

The big question we have, however, is centred around the newly written song, Drummy Dün Dün, cheekily named in a moment of agitation around song naming, and within it's lyrics can be found....wait for it....a REPEATED aforementioned phrase: FIND YOUR LOUD.

What, pray, does this phrase mean?

LK: Well, when I first came up with this phrase I was writing the song, "Little Fighter", which is all about digging yourself out of the fear-cave and getting yourself onto the track you know you're supposed to be on. Fear can cause all sorts of stunting, and keep us from really doing what we're built for as individuals, what is best for us, and ultimately for the world at large. The amazing thing about humans is that we're all made so differently, and while I may be made to write music and connect with people through it, another person might find their passions focussed on scientific study, or teaching, or counselling, or <insert a million other things here>. The phrase "find your loud" is all about figuring out what your particular expression or passion in this life might be, and seizing it with everything you have. Too many people are walking around this place with blank, sad expressions, not having ever dug into what makes them feel alive. I feel like part of my job as a songwriter is to expose some of these things, and get people thinking about themselves and their lives. 

Okay, but why did you use the same phrase in your new song, Drummy Dün Dün? 

LK: Oh right. So, I sat down to write a Christmassy song, because you know, the season will be here soon and I need to be prepared!! So as I gathered my things together, guitar, notebook, pencil, brain, I tried getting in that Christmassy mode. You know the warm, fuzzy, lovey-dovey happy mode that we're supposed to feel at that time? Well, at the time I was doing this, there were crazy hurricanes down in the Southern states and Carribean, there was a huge earthquake in Mexico, there were floods, and out-of-control wildfires, there were horrible reports coming in from Myanmar about the slaughters happening there, and there was crazy bad political stuff going on with Trump and the rest of the world, including North Korea. I mean, it felt like the sky was falling. So, I ended up writing this song with that very phrase "the sky is falling" in it, and throughout the song I'm feeling this horrible weight that we need to stop and take a stand for the sake of our fellow humans, and for the sake of this beautiful planet. We need to beat our drums together, cause change, help others, and generally *find our loud* voices for the sake of this earth. So, I guess in this song the phrase is used a bit differently, but there it is. 

Cool. Well that makes us want to hear the song now. Will that be possible? Where are you playing around Christmas?

LK: Yeah you can definitely hear it! We don't have plans to record it at this point, but we're playing a Christmas Concert for the Langley Township at the Cheif Sepass Theatre on Dec 3, and we'll also be participating in several of Pacific Theatre's Christmas Presence shows, where we plan to bring the song into the mix as well. (Check out our website for actual dates we're performing.)

Sounds great! Well thanks, Mrs. Kwerk. It's been interesting picking your songwriting brain a bit today.

LK: My pleasure.

(Interview of Laura Kwerk by Laura Kwerk. Weird, I know.)