The Seasons are a-changin'!

There's just something about fall. I mean, you look outside and it's crisp and sunny, the leaves are starting to glow orange and brown, the door cracked open lets in a cooler breeze that freshens up the room, and the whole world shifts from a playful summer mentality to one of focus, intention and routine. 

I can't tell you how much I love this season. It seems that over the past decade, this season has held many different wonderful things for me. When I had very young kids and was predominantly a stay-at-home mom, I loved decorating the house with leaves and pumpkins, baking sweet things, cooking cozy meals with squash and apples, and generally walking around gleeful at the colours and the anticipation for the upcoming holidays. I'd almost live in a manic state of excitement. My blog entries would bust out and jump off the screen to give readers a big, cozy, squishy, home-knit sweater, slippers on cozy socked feet, snuggly hug. A bit odd, I admit, but man did I ever love it.

In more recent years I enjoyed the quiet of the season. The summer ending, school routines starting up (whether or not it was our previous life of homeschooling or our current life of kids at school), sipping warm drinks on the couch, and thoughtful walks in nature.

And this year? This year seems to be all new and fresh once again. A new experience and a new outlook. Having dived into music head first last spring, having been at it for over a year now, having experienced so much good and so much challenge in it all, having had a full summer with some good gigs, some getaways, and lots of family time, I've found myself the host of a deep desire to rest, to hide away, to get creative. 

Practically speaking, this means writing music. And writing here on the blog. And honing in on the "quiet creative" stuff. It means being alone more - taking time during the day when the kids are off at school to sit in the dark with my thoughts and guitar, to pour it out and feel my way through the inky blackness of my brain. Sounds creepy. Haha - but I relish it.

It's interesting how different seasons come and go. It's fascinating how a person can feel so different from one month to the next, and yet it feels right and good. 

The excitement is also building for our October shows - in Mission at the Clarke Theatre and in South Surrey at The Big Old Barn Concert. The excitement is tangible in the air here at our house as we prepare for our studio time - recording our holiday EP that will be out in November. These are sweet times, my friends. I can't wait to share our music with you. And I can't wait to get down and create more, to bust into 2017 with some new material and a whole load of quirkiness.