The Holiday Buzz is a-buzzin'

It's that crazy time of year when we're just about to tip ourselves into the holiday mayhem and be inundated with tinsel, jingle-bells, and crafty snowflakes plastered to storefronts everywhere we look. There's something I can't stand about it all - the tackiness, the consumeristic mentality, the constant pull to spend loads of money to make others happy. But pushing that all aside (with all my might, because it's a heavy, foggy mess to work around) there's the other side of the season. The side that peeks out from behind the glittering shop fronts and shouts with all its might "THIS IS A TIME FOR LOVE! FOR GOODNESS! FOR GENEROSITY!"

This is the side of the holidays that I connect with. Keeping the bustling madness at bay (to unabashedly use a lyric from my "Lights" song) and keeping my eyes and mind set on things that are better, more meaningful, and more life-giving, like the experience of piling in the car on a dark, rainy night (wish it was snowy, but we live on the West Coast...) and slowly driving through the lit up neighbourhoods full of light displays, or waking up each morning and peeking out the window to see if by some magic the rain turned to snow overnight, or lighting candles at dinner and telling each other what our "highs and lows" of the day were. These are the things that make it really special to me. 

The season is also a time when people somehow become more open to love and connection. There's a willingness in people that isn't there during other seasons to smile at one another, and get together for hot drinks in a cozier way, and think about giving to each other in a tangible way. There's a human connection that happens.

This human connection between people is at the crux of The Kwerks' goals. When I set out what my plan was for my music, what I was aiming at, what I hoped for, it had little to do with fame, or money, or recognition, or even wanting to be on stage. What it did have to do with was connecting with people in a meaningful way, in a way that is beyond words and conversation and chit chat and "what's new". I had, and have still, a drive to offer an experience of connection with music, through music, with oneself, with others around you, with me as the musician. Music, for me, is a tool used to connect people. And it really does do just that. The ways we are finding connections when we're on stage, when we're off stage, with other musicians and industry people, or with audiences and individuals who are affected in some way by our music, they are many and diverse. It's really amazing.

And I really love it. And I won't stop doing it for a long time to come. 

May your holiday season be rich with love, and goodness, and friendship, and family, and good music, and connection with others. And you should probably get our Lights CD too. That song, "Lights" is exactly about what I've described here. Listen to the lyrics! :D

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