The Kwerks are releasing a SINGLE!!

Heya friends! This is a big week for The Kwerks! Apart from showing up all over your TV screens (provided you watch HGTV, The History Channel, and CTV...) in our flashy new commercial for Dominion Lending Centres, we are also happy to announce THAT WE ARE RELEASING OUR FIRST SINGLE ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29th!

The song is called "Better Together" and may very well feature a certain orange ukulele seen in some of the photos on our site. More to come on what the song is about, but in the meantime, WE ARE COUNTING DOWN! (Quite literally. Did you see the counter on the home page?)

It also happens that on the very day that we release the song, our dear commercial will be playing during Canada's Grey Cup game, and so while all the dear footballers are fighting for the ultimate prize, they will be cheered on and serenaded by our handsome faces in the commercial breaks. Can you picture it? Beautiful, right?

A huge thank you and hats off to our big hot shot producer, Jimmy Sustar, who has been working tirelessly in yonder Ohio on this song. He gets our full credit for being an amazing friend, artist, collaborator, and techie. Thanks so much, Jimmy.

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