Happy September!

Can you believe it? It seems as if the summer has just slipped by! And next week we will watch all the teachers and students go back to school - just like that. Apart from school though, fall is a time when there are many new beginnings. For The Kwerks, it means setting out and being deliberate about the time we spend doing music, writing, practicing, and planning events. Good things to come!! 



We are happy to announce that recording is soon to be underway! We will be hunkering down at the end of the month with our good friend, Jimmy Sustar, to record some of the songs we've been working on! Stay tuned for teasers!


We Kwerks just arrived home from a wonderful family alumni retreat at Keats Camps, where the two of us met! We laughed, we played, and we even got a chance to do a little performing. Laura is now raring to write more music after having spent some time with some of the founding musicians of the camp's amazing musical history!